I would like to extend this letter of recommendation in respect to the services provided PWI Construction, Inc. by 4 Diamond Construction, Inc. PWI is a tier one general contractor based in Mesa, Arizona, with offices also in New York, Texas, Florida and Las Vegas. PWI specializes nationally on only the finest in retail, restaurant and hospitality establishments.

PWI is currently involved with a comprehensive renovation of (133) guestrooms and suites at Carmel Valley Ranch
Resort & Spa in Carmel, CA. PWI recently retained 4 Diamond to complete the door/hardware, millwork trim, bath
vanity, bath accessories, and wall mirror installations for this 5-star resort renovation. We partnered with 4 Diamond based on their experience and performance on other high-end projects, as well as the overall capabilities of the company in general. PWI has an elaborate qualification process for selection of every subcontractor of which 4 Diamond has either met or exceeded all criteria as outlined under each requirement.

Their performance to date continues to live up to the high standards we set for our sub-contractors. PWI chooses only proven sub-contractors for its projects that advocate quality, performance and competitiveness. We have long term relationships with each sub, and we reward them for stellar performances with a continuing relationship on some of the most premier projects available. We hold them to the highest standards of performance within the industry.

4 Diamond’s performance has excelled in all categories, including customer contact, safety, adherence to schedule, caliber of supervision, quality of materials and workmanship, attention to detail and also of great importance with price. They were most willing to perform extra work at reasonable pricing while continuing to make critical deadlines in a very fast-paced project. Most compelling is the depth of support from the entire company. All employees speak the same language of dedication, commitment and customer care. Based on the above PWI would highly recommend 4 Diamond Construction, Inc on any project requiring door/hdw, millwork, or FF&E scopes.

Jason Leach
Sr. Project Manager
PWI Construction, Inc.


Words cannot do justice to the excellent work you and you team did for us at our Homewood Suites at Tradition,Port St. Lucie, Florida. Everything that you did from scheduling deliveries from the vendors to the last removal of the cartons and packing supplies was completed in a truly outstanding manor. There was absolutely no need for any oversight from the property or above property management team and our general contractor was very impressed with how you coordinated your work with his. The last days before franchise property inspections can be very hectic especially with late vendor deliveries but you handled that in stride also. I think that your hands on approach is what made the job so smooth. We definitely received everything and more that we paid for and because of that we would not hesitate to have you on our team for the next project, I hope that all is well with you and if you are in or passing through the Albany area, please stop in and say hello.

Todd Fischer
FF&E Installation, Hilton Homewood Suites
Port St. Lucie, Florida


Four Diamond Construction played a vital part in the completion of the Hampton Inn and Suites in Pittsburg, Ca. The Four Diamond team is a pleasure to work with and understand the need to get a building built, while trying to save the owner money as well. This hotel is a very special project with many different complications. We had a general contractor who was not qualified in my opinion to build any hotel. I found that out 2 years into the project. The importance of having a knowledgeable and trustworthy contractor is the foundation of any building. I found that in Four Diamond Construction.

Four Diamond Construction brought everything an owner can ask for, knowledge, honesty, skill, and dedication. After I parted ways with the previous general contractor, the building was in such bad condition, no general contractor wanted to take it over. I called upon Four Diamond Construction to come in and help me finish this job. They brought a superintendant, along with a fantastic project manager by the name of Carrie Mollring. When Four Diamond took over the project, the hotel had many problems, from electrical, plumbing, foundation, structural, and civil issues. There were times when people would get frustrated and don’t know where to turn to find an answer. Working together with 4DC and myself, we found solutions to all of the issues we faced. This project took a physical, mental, and financial strain on my family. Mario Franco and his team was always a support beam for us. Four Diamond Construction started off as just the general contractor on the job and became part of my family. The hard times that we went through together on the project, brought our two families closer.

The best part about this company is that there is no other company like it. From the first stake that goes into the ground from the last piece of artwork that gets hung, it is under one roof. By having that, you cut many costs and have no delay. I had to pay financially, due to my designer being in another state and Four Diamond Installation trying to do their job, but items are missing or drawings do not match the room type. There an abundance of unnecessary issues that come up when the traditional way is used. Having construction, design, procuring, and installation under one roof, is an owner’s dream come true. This will cut building time and will get my hotel open faster, which bottom line for us owners is saving money.

I would use Four Diamond Construction again on my next project and hope that other hotel developers understand the benefit and simplicity that Four Diamond Construction brings. Whether is it a Motel 6 or a full service Marriott, I believe that this company can handle it.

Sonny Patel
Chief Executive Officer
BMS Investments LLC


We have had the pleasure of working with The 4 Diamond Group on several hospitality
projects. Through my experience working with contractors and sub-contractors, It is always
most enjoyable to work with responsible, hard-working people that really take pride in their
work. The 4 Diamond Group is most definitely one of those companies and we look forward
to working with them again in the future.

Koby Thompson
Senior Designer
Peggy Dye & Associates


I would like to articulate my thoughts with regard to 4 Diamond.

We first became acclimated to 4 Diamond through one of our previous project located in Redding, CA about 6-7 years ago. Mario Franco, one of the principles for 4 Diamond was contracted to do the FF&E along with all finishing. During that project I was impressed how Mario put the concerns of the owner before the concerns of the general contractor.

When our project in Fontana started to have issues (GC, Architect and City related) 4 Diamond came on board to help sort things out. It became apparent that the knowledge and professionalism they displayed what just what the project needed. Darryl Conney and Mario were very candid in their assessment of our team and equally as candid as what needed to be done in order for us to pass muster with the brand as well as the municipality.

Everyone in the company has been extremely responsive to our needs as owners. They have found solutions to problems that did not require additional time and money from the owners. Most importantly, they cared for our project as if it was their own.

Looking back on it, I think to have a company with the hospitality knowledge and experience that the 4 Diamond group offers would have served us well during the entire project.

I would also like to extend a personal invitation to you and your team to visit my Fontana property and if possible we can meet one on one to further our conversation of 4 Diamond and it’s key players.

John Della Penna
Park Ave. Hotel Group LLC