Our Services


Pre-Construction is just as important, if not more important than the construction process itself. It serves as the planning phase. This  defines the project, identifies the schedule and necessary lead times. It configures the scope of work, permitting, cost estimation, and procurement of both labor and resources required for the project. Pre-construction also assists in identifying inconsistencies in order to prevent excessive costs for duplicated scope found elsewhere. This process helps us and our client to better understand the project prior to contract approval.

We deliver quality pre-construction services which in return helps our client determine if this project meets the intended desired budget. During this phase our client may decide to modify the scope of work. When that is the case, we assist our client in determining what the priorities are and the best means to get there. Once the scope of work, schedule, and budget are agreed upon, a contract is drawn up, and the client’s vision is one step closer to being a reality.

Construction Management

Construction Management is a professional service we provide to the client, which includes but is not limited to, schedule management, cost effectiveness, quality of work, scope, safety, and function. A Construction Manager’s responsibility is to communicate and coordinate with the client and the team to ensure the success of the project. Because of our experience, we can provide expertise in many facets of construction including commercial, residential, and hospitality projects.

As a team, we work along-side with our client and well-qualified subcontractors to organize, implement, and maintain the schedule to ensure the project is on time. We have a quality control process for all phases of the project to aid in maintaining the current budget and minimizing potential change orders all while maximizing efficiency.

With 100% transparency and communication, no matter the project size, large or small, our clients can feel confident their general contractor will work to find the most efficient solution that best fits everyone’s needs.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment, also commonly known as FF&E, are the tangible assets that are not permanently a fixture of the building or its utilities. We at 4 Diamond have specialized in FF&E for over 30 years, completing hundreds of projects. In order to keep up with the trends, hotels typically engage in a Property Improvement Plan (PIP) every five, seven to ten years as design trends change.

Our job is to get in, and get out, with little inconvenience to guests and staff. This allows hotels to remain open while updating their interior finishes.

Due to all the various requirements in upgrading each hospitality project, it is extremely important to ensure all FF&E is shipped and delivered on time to meet deadlines. 4DC assists in coordinating all aspects of logistics from PO tracking, inventory and storage, to delivery and installation.